Product Ranges


We specialize in all kinds of PVC compound. Ranging from soft to rigid, transparency or opaque, be used in the extrusion, injection and blow molding processing such as manufacturing of cables & wires, garden hoses, rigid pipes, fittings, footwear, blow molding, and other related PVC products.

President Plastics Pty Ltd are committed to continuous quality improvement and always hope to achieve greatest satisfaction for customer, both domestically and overseas, by continuing to develop, through technological innovation, new products that are superior in quality.

Thank you for your time to peruse this instruction of our company. We have established a reputation of steady growth since 2000. We sincerely hope that in any way we are going to establish a long-term relationship from now.

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We Specialise in :

Automotive Cable PVC compound

The Cable PVC compound- Various Grades

The Pipe and Hose PVC compound

Automotive Cable PVC compound

The Garden Ware PVC compound

The Injection Moulding PVC compound

The Extrusion Moulding PVC compound

The Footwear PVC compound

The Building Material PVC compound